Chronological Table

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  • Japanese Society
  • Social Security
  • Patient Groups
  • Hokkaido NANBYO Association

As the Hokkaido NANBYO Association pioneered the patients’ advocacy movement they hold a reverent position within the NANBYO Associations in Japan.

Furthermore, the Hokkaido NANBYO Association petitioned and gained the support of the Hokkaido government leading to the construction of the first NANBYO center in 1983.

A subsidy is also provided by the government to manage the facility.

The Center offers many useful facilities services for NANBYO patients and their families:

  • Accommodations
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Counseling

This center has contributed to the creation of networks for NANBYO patients.

The Hokkaido NANBYO Association has formed prefectural and municipal affiliations.

Branch offices have become focal points of community activities.

The many staff members are also involved in fund-raising.

Their responsibilities also include, organizing social and recreational events and most importantly, petitioning the government for improved treatment awareness for NANBYO patients.

The center has since become a model of NANBYO centers and associations in Japan.

The Hokkaido NANBYO Association has made great strides establishing the Japan Patient Association (JPA) which is the national center of the patients’ advocacy movement.

In addition, they were the impetus behind the creation of the NANBYO Forum.