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The Nanbyo Support Network Hokkaido started in 2007.
The main object is to edit “Patient Groups in Japan” which reflects the Japanese social welfare history through the patients’ advocacy movement.
Mr. Tateo Ito, the main editor of this project said that “The traumatic outcry for help from the Nanbyo patients moved the mass media and society at large, leading to an overhaul of the Japanese social welfare system.”
The purpose of editing is not only to look back on the historical accounts and documentation relating to social welfare, but also to acknowledge the contributions that solidified the network of patients, constitutional right to live edict. Our aim is to empower suffering patients and improve their overall quality of life.
Although, I cannot speak from experience as a sufferer of an intractable disease and am older than most I am however motivated and committed to supporting this important project indirectly. I also hope to enable the next generation to be capable and strong.
Thank you for your cooperation.

April 5, 2008

Patient Groups in Japan
Chief Editor Mitsuko Kojima


日本の患者会編纂委員会委員長 児島 美都子

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