5) Efforts by Member Groups

Continuing efforts included supporting the organizations of patients with metabolic disorders. Their immediate need was sourcing non-dairy milk for their patients.

The solution was to have members pool their available resources from home and distribute it to the needy.

The aforementioned relief donations that were collected around Japan amazingly added up quickly.

The funds were provided to parties such as the members and the patient groups in the disaster areas as needed.

The Toyama NANBYO Support Network was notified by a neurologist at Tohoku University, what supplies and support were required in the disaster area at that time, collected the supplies (disposable diapers, over-the-counter medicines, food, water, rice etc.) in Toyama, and delivered them to Tohoku University Hospital through a support route. The Network also provided concrete support i.e. dispatching cooking teams to help relief volunteer activities and making rice cakes to feed and encourage people in the disaster area.

One year after the earthquake, each patient group worked to organize information and review their activities by providing lectures and organizing newsletters.