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“Patients Voice in 1974”Newsletter “Nanren” No.2: Hokkaido Nanbyoudantai Renraku Kyougikai, 1974

It was in 1972 that the policy for rare and intractable disease patients started in Japan.
A lot of patients’ groups were established before and after that time.
This is a newsletter page with voices in quotes by intractable disease patients published in 1974.
They expressed their earnest wishes such as “Please make a special hospital” or “We need a specific medicine for our disease”.
Since that time, support for patients has improved and became more accessible.
Medicine development, buildings designed to incorporate improved accessibility and employment support projects for patients.
Many of these quoted concerns were acted upon and are now reflected in the Rare/Intractable Disease Act of 2015.
However, because of the development of new medicines other issues have arose and require solutions.